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Spring Breeze is a single player action adventure game featuring a wily mouse and a faithful owl working together to defeat a common foe. Navigate your way through the forest and destroy the alien structure at the center of the level while avoiding or destroying the alien drones chasing you.

Made by


Axel Stenkrona - Tech Design / Game Design
Karl Asp - Tech Design / Game Design 
Karl Mörtberg - Level Design / Game Design

Björn Degerstedt - Environment / General Art / Tech Art 
Nomi Bontegard - Character artist / Technical Animator

Rami Khalfaoui - Enviroment Art
Björn Jonasson - 2D Art 
Johannes Ekholm - 2D Art

Kasper Lindmark -  Gameplay Programmer 
Niklas Granskog - Programmer
Mattias Kimber - Audio Programmer / Sound Designer

Anders Åkesson - Spiritual Counselor

Development Time - 7 Weeks

System requirements:

RAM: 4 GB 

 CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz or similar  

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 510


Spring_Breeze_Build.zip 610 MB

Install instructions

Download Zip File - Unzip folder <Spring_Breeze_Build> Launch Game from Spring Breeze(.exe)


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